These norms are a concrete implementation through the enabling infrastructure, called Node Payments-SPC, introduced by Law 148 of 14 September 2011. This infrastructure is configured as a component of the Public Connectivity System that rule - at national level - how organizational and technical infrastructure operating payments from the public administration, without affecting commercial relations between the different actors of the process, but introducing the simplest mode of interaction. In this context, the system is configured as a system of nationally defined as "Domain Paying Public Administration", where it is presented to the national payment system in a logic of "group buying" pouring on the set providers of payment services their requests collection, avoiding making choices a priori (in analogy with the widespread collection procedures used by large industrial groups). From the logical point of view the system is based on a single paradigm: the Unique ID of Deposit. A code uniquely determined by a specific algorithm, which allows users of the subject node of payments, to exchange data with payment requests (and associated receipts). With this data you can on the one hand to correctly route the payment procedures and on the other, can make every possible verification.

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